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  The brief of Guangxi institute of Chinese medicine & pharmaceutical science



  Guangxi institute of Chinese medicine & pharmaceutical science was founded in April 1956, The institute is one of the earliest institutes in china with large size and complete subjects. There are 206 employees, 145 of them are technical specialists,among them 96 with the title of semisenior or senior technical post , six of them are master’s teachers, six of them are master’s teachers, two of them has doctoral degree and 18 have master degree.there are more than 300 series laboratory instruments and equipments which valued more than 9,000,000 RMB.



  Departnents: There are seven departments in it : traditional Chinese medicine research , chemistry, pharmacology, Also outpatient department, pharmaceutical factory, pilot plant and sale department of Chinese medicine and herds etc .



  Reference & information


  药材标本:药用植物蜡叶标本近10万份 ,瓶装标本4000余瓶,其中有世界上独一无二的模式标本240多张。

  The specimen of medical herbs: there are 100,000 specimens with wax of Chinese medicinal plants , more than 4,000 in bottles ,among of them 240 specimens are the only one medicial plants in the world .



  Books and data : there are 90,000 copied of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmaceutical books and journals.



  Scientific research field



  We have studied include on pharmacognosy , pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacopedics, chemical analysis, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaco-metabolic dynamics, herbs planting(GAP), the technological preparation, tested animal raising and medicinal information etc.



  The achievements in the research


  近五年承担国家、省部级攻关项目40项;中草药普查4623种; 收集筛选广西民间验方200余个.为开发新药打下基础;对广西主产的中草药材二百多种进行了系统研究、如罗芙木、两面针、美登木、罗汉果、剑叶龙血树、鸡骨草、水半夏等。

  Lately five years, we have undertaken 40 items at the tackle key problems of the state, the ministry and the province . Researched and checked 4623 subjects on the traditional Chinese herds;Collected and filtrated more than 200 timetested folk prescriptions . empoldered the basic of the new drug;To research more than 200 subjects the main Chinese medicine herds. For example: Rauvolfia verticillata(Lour.)baill.var.verticillata, Zanthoxylum nitidum(Roxb.)Dc, Siraitia grosvenorii(swingle)c.Jeffrey ex A.M.lu et Z.y.zhang, Drananena cochinchinensis(Lour.)s.c.Chen , typhonium flagelliforme(Lodd) Bl.[Arm flagelliforme Lodol], Abrus cantoniensis Hance etc.



  We have gained 82 certificates producing new drugs. There are fuyinjie,Liangmianzhentoothpaste, Huahongpian, wantongyankangpian, Wulinhuanshiwan, zhonghuadiedawan etc. Lately years, we have empoldered traditional and folk new drugs, the second popular traditional Chinese medicine, Extracting of traditional Chinese medicine, the quality standard level of Chinese medicine materials, research the health deli.



  We have possessed six products of the independent culture property tight;We have issued more than 500 academic theses and have compiled 25 books;We have got 2 items ror the advanced on couragement by the state and more than 30 items by the ministry and commission, province and departments lf the government, exchanged the th achievements of technology more than 40 items, technological service more than 300 items.



  New drug research base of Guangxi



  The institue is confered the unit the research centre of chinese traditional medicine and engineering & technology of natural meteria medical of Guangxi in 2004 ,and it is approved to set up the research centre of exploting chinese traditional medicine & new drugs and the medicine safety evaluation on the study engineering & technology by the government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in 2005, so it is now the main research base of traditional Chinese medicine and natural material madice in Guangxi.



  The information data-base of chinese herbal

  medicine of Guangxi



  In 2003 ,we have compiled an index of the system of informational management of Chinese herbal medicine from Guangxi subsidized by Guangxi Commetee of development & reformation and the department of science & technology of Guangxi provice.It’s collected and collated by characters produced in Guangxi, which can supply us the dataes on studying the morden Chinese herbal medicines.



  The bound of cooperation



  We have established relationship and academic exchange with the institute of Meteria Medica of USA, Japan and Australia and so on.We also have established relations on crosswise cooperation with medicinal universities and the institute of meteria Medica from Beijing , Shenyang , Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, shenzhen, Wuhan etc. We have invited some famous experts and professors from China or abroad as our consultant for the takle key problems.



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